Partnering with global corporations and financial institutions in structured credit and balance sheet management solutions


Working with global corporations and banks to correctly consolidate SPV-owned assets




Balance sheet reduction is critical in financial ratio management, covenant compliance, and peer group comparisons, regardless of risk profile.  LordCap makes the process simple.  It includes LordCap’s proprietary models to support accounting derecognition of assets that are segregated from the company’s balance sheet, and LordCap taking direct consolidation responsibility for the assets and related financing.  LordCap works directly with companies, auditors, and lenders so that the accounting treatment is confirmed in advance of closing.


In aggregate consolidation




Even through the credit crisis




Serving as an alternative asset advisor, arranger, and investor in the structured credit space

Lord Capital is a reliable partner of global corporations, banks, and other financial institutions in the structured credit space. Our knowledge, creativity, and speed make us valuable partners for other market experts.  Able to both lead and work in a team, we not only serve as an advisor for structured assets and capital markets, but act as an active investor as well.



Bringing finance and sustainability to commercial properties


Our sister company, LordCap PACE, is an originator, underwriter, and manager of Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) assets. These are public-private partnerships in which private loans are used to improve the ecological footprint of a commercial property. Rather than attaching the loan to the borrower, a voluntary tax assessment is placed on the property through which the loan is repaid. This removes the bankruptcy risk from these investments, making their repayment pari passu with property taxes rather than debt. Our data capabilities and tax status drive the very strong credit profile of each and every investment.

The LordCap Green family works with LordCap PACE to invest in green initiatives. Each of the funds will be dedicated to different investor segments and green energy applications. Investment objectives for the fund family include:

Generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors

Create financing solutions that have a positive impact on the environment

Focus on innovative yet value-added renewable applications, providing access to new investment opportunities

Ability to invest across the capital structure in both public and private markets, providing flexibility to execute our strategy


At Lord Capital, we believe in creating beneficial scenarios for all parties by harnessing the power of data. Every transaction is carefully analyzed, structured, and maintained by our experienced team. As a result, since our founding in May 2003, no Lord Capital transaction has ever experienced a single loss, even through the financial crisis.

Lord Capital has assembled a team of finance professionals with experience in a wide range of asset classes.  The company combines deep technical knowledge with a broad expanse of banking and capital markets expertise.  Collectively, the team brings credibility, maturity, and judgment to investments and consolidation services.

Today, Lord Capital continues to service its core mission of carefully structured investments and deconsolidation solutions while simultaneously expanding its reach to include a focus on green energy. Through our sister company, LordCap PACE, our Green family of funds invests at all levels of the capital structure for commercial real estate developments and renovations which have a positive impact on the properties' environmental footprints.


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